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Pride subwoofers are handmade with love for our customers. The best engineering solutions and balanced quality at a reasonable price. Innovation with a modular system.
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Pride speakers are the main product of our company. We have created sounds of unique quality and possibly very loud sound. you won’t lose any quality, and you’ll also be able to show others how loud you are.
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Pride amplifiers are custom made in Korea. We produce the best and time-tested amplifier models.
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Subwoofer Pride M16.12 RMS 1600W Size 12″
Speakers Solo 150 RMS 150W Size 6,5 inch
Car audio amplifier Quattro – 100W x 4 channel
Subwoofer Pride M16.15 RMS 1600W Size 15″
Speakers Pride Diamond 8 v.2 RMS 300W Size 8 inch
Car audio amplifier Pride Quattro XL – 300W x 4 channel
Subwoofer Pride M35.12 RMS 3500W Size 12″
Speakers Pride Diamond 10 RMS 400W Size 10 inch
Car audio amplifier Pride Uno XL – 1200W x 1 channel
Subwoofer Pride M35.15 RMS 3500W Size 15″
Car audio amplifier Pride Rapid – 1800W x 1 channel
Pump Up the Bass with Pride Subwoofers
Subwoofer Pride M16.12 RMS 1600W Size 12″ – D1,6
Subwoofer delivers exceptional sound quality, with deep bass and clear, powerful sound that will enhance your listening experience.


16 May 2024
Enhance Your Subwoofer Experience with Pride Car Audio’s Reconing Modules

Upgrade your subwoofer effortlessly with Pride Car Audio’s recone modules. Designed for easy installation in minutes using just a hexagon tool. Experience enhanced bass performance and hassle-free installation. Available now in the USA! Fix your subwoofer into a powerhouse of sound with Pride Car Audio’s recone modules. Our modules are engineered for seamless installation, allowing […]

09 May 2024
Improving Sound Quality in Your Standard Car Audio System

When you’re cruising down the road, the quality of your car’s audio system can significantly impact your driving experience. While many vehicles come equipped with standard audio setups, there are several affordable and effective ways to enhance the sound quality without breaking the bank. Let’s explore some accessible methods to elevate the audio experience in […]

05 May 2024

PRIDE CAR AUDIO BENEFITS: HOW DOES IT WORK? PRIDE CAR AUDIO Benefits is a virtual type of currency that can be used to pay for your purchases from the Pride Car Audio Online Store. It’s easy to get and easy to use. Pride Car Audio Benefits is non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and cannot […]

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