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Subwoofer Pride M35.12 RMS 3500W Size 12″

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Subwoofer Pride M35.12

Subwoofer speaker with a unique modular design from Pride Car Audio – Pride M35.12. The design of the basket in tandem with the aluminum radiator of the magnetic system provides effective distribution of air flows for maximum cooling effect. The most powerful magnetic system made of ferrite of the highest standard, calculated by the finite element method with high induction in the gap.

Long-throw suspension with radially arranged corrugations for maximum linearity with large diffuser displacements.
Six 10″ mirror aligned centering washers.

The high temperature 3.6″ voice coil is wound with flat aluminum wire and polyimide insulation for the highest possible heat resistance. M8 screw terminals – powerful and reliable.

A subwoofer is a low-frequency speaker designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies, approximately 20 to 63 Hz, and serves as an addition to a car’s audio system. Speakers come in different calibers and powers, which are used in everyday systems and for sound pressure competitions – SPL.

Size – 12″, RMS – 3500 W.

Please yourself with powerful bass, clear sound and reliable equipment with Pride Car Audio

Part number: M35.12D07

General feature
Power Handling (RMS) 3500 W
VC diameter / material 3,6" Flat aluminum
VC wire insulation Polyimide
Frame material Aluminum
Magnet size and q-ty 240*26mm x 3 pcs / 9,45*1,02" x 3 pcs
Spider diameter and q-ty 250mm x 6pcs / 9,84" x 6pcs
Cone material Paper reinforced glass fiber
Dust cap material Carbon (real)
DC Resistance (Re) 0,75+0,75 Ω
Free Air Resonance (Fs) Hz 29,3
Moving Mass (Mms) g 332
BL Tm 18
Total Speaker “Q” (Qts) 0,242
Electrical Q (Qes) 0,256
Mechanical Q (Qms) 3,23
Equivalent Compliance (Vas) L 36,7
One-Way Linear Excursion (Xmax) (BL 50%) mm 35
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) dB 87,4
Sensitivity (2,83 V / 1 m) dB 92,2
Effective Piston Area (Sd) cm² 530
Physical Specifications
Overall Diameter 325mm / 12,8"
Mounting Hole Diameter 307,5mm / 12,11"
Mounting Depth 260mm / 10,24"
Driver Displacement 6 l / 1,59 Gal
Net Weight 37,5 kg / 82,67 lbs


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