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The Tone Generator allows you to generate a signal of any frequency. The Tone Generator can help you tune your pop speakers, quality component speakers or subwoofer in your car (and more).

So how can it help with this? On almost all car amplifiers (and we have a large selection of car amplifiers) the HPF and LPF filters have too wide a frequency spread, for example from 10 Hz to 10 000 Hz, and sometimes it is extremely difficult to catch the exact cutoff you need.

Let’s take a simple example – you need to set a clear cutoff at 65 Hz:

We take a cell phone and connect it via a Mini Jack-2RCA cable (you can use our quality Mini Jack 2RCA cable) to the car amplifier.
Then set the filter “twist” on the amplifier to a higher frequency (e.g. 100-200 Hz).
Next, turn on our tongenerator to 65 Hz and start slowly turning the filter knob on the amplifier towards the 65 Hz value.
As soon as the volume of sound in the speakers (subwoofer) stops increasing as you turn the “twist” – it means that you have reached the necessary value of 65 Hz.

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