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Comfortmat Extreme PRO


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Vibration insulation Comfort mat Extreme PRO (6mm)- vibration absorbing material of the Extreme series with a thickness of 6 mm and two layers of foil.

Vibration-damping material with a unique structure of a new generation of mastic D-Formula.
The low-temperature processing using DarkAir technology with the addition of special polymers increased the CMP parameters and, at the same time, allowed to reduce weight.
Double heat treatment of HotAL foil provides rigidity and good skeleton of the material.
Special drawings on paper facilitate cutting, which allows you to evenly cut the necessary pieces.
The material works effectively in winter and summer, significantly reducing or completely blocking extraneous noise.

Price per 1 sheet

Technical feature
Thickness 6 mm
Sheet size 500 x 700mm
The Mechanical Loss Coefficient 0.75 cu
Sheet weight 3.37 kg
Specific weight 9,63 kg / m2
Adhesion 11 N / cm
pack 5 sheet
Cabin floor and trunk Yes
Engine compartment shield Yes
Wheel arches Yes
Door metal parts Yes
Roof Yes
Hood Yes
Comfortmat Extreme PRO