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Comfortmat G2

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Vibration isolation Comfortmat G2 is a classic mastic vibration-absorbing material of the G-Line series for zones with light and medium vibration loads.

Universal vibration-damping material with a thickness of 2.3 mm with increased adhesion to metal, which is a mastic made from a mixture of special polymers reinforced with aluminum foil.
The use of purposefully modified elastomer in the mastic gives the material a high coefficient of mechanical loss, excellent adhesion to metal, resistance to environmental influences and a wide temperature range of operation.
The material is moisture resistant, has sealing and anti-corrosion properties.
Does not require heating during installation.

Price per 1 sheet

Technical feature
Thickness 2,3 mm
Sheet size 500 x 700mm
The Mechanical Loss Coefficient 0.33 cu
Sheet weight 1.23 kg
Specific weight 3,51 kg / m2
Adhesion 14 N / cm
pack 10 sheet
Cabin floor and trunk Yes
Engine compartment shield Yes
Wheel arches Yes
Door metal parts Yes
Roof Yes
Hood Yes
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Tehnical Features
Comfortmat G2