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Subwoofer Pride BB.3 12″

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BB.3 series subwoofer from Pride company. This version has become more powerful, louder and more reliable. The subwoofer is suitable for beginners, Amateurs and athletes.
This model was created so that the buyer could get a subwoofer with a full 3-inch coil and a large, powerful motor at a more attractive price. If just powerful bass is not enough for you, and you want to test your car body for durability, then the BB.3 line is what you have been looking for for a long time.

RMS – 1250 W, Voice Coil – 3″.

The subwoofer is designed and assembled in the Russian Federation.


Technical feature
RMS 1250 W
X Max (BL 50%) 23 mm one way
Re Ω 3,6 ohms
Fs 28 Hz
Qts 0,28
Sd 480 cm²
Vas 32 L
BL 25,60 (for Re 3,6 Ω)
Sens (1W/1m) 85,5 dB
Sens (2.83Vrms/1m) 88,8 dB
Impedance 1,8+1,8 Ohm
Physical feature
Magnet's material High-quality ferrite rings
Magnet's Diameter 200 mm
Magnet quantity 2 rings
Magnet's weight 3,60 kg
Frame material Aluminium
Spider 4 spider
Voice coil material High Temperature Copper
Voice coil D 3 inch
Height Voice coil 46 mm
Mounting Depth 156 mm
Diameter of the mounting hole 280 mm
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