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Speakers Pride Coaxial Harmony 6.5 v.2 RMS 80W Size 6,5 inch

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Coaxial Harmony 6.5 v.2

We present you Pride Harmony 6.5 v.2 – a 2-component speaker system, is an updated version of the most popular acoustic set from Pride. It features a high-frequency tweeter and a low-frequency midbass that work together to create clear, rich sound.


Major changes compared to the previous version of Harmony 6.5 include:

  1. Uses a new cone and speaker cover, as well as an improved magnetic system for improved sound performance and increased power.
  2. The use of a new tweeter dome, which provides cleaner and more detailed high-frequency sound.
  3. Using a second-order filter for the tweeter, which improves its frequency response and allows for more accurate reproduction of high frequencies.


The Pride Harmony 6.5 v.2 speaker system provides a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and can be connected to a variety of audio devices, including car radios, amplifiers and head units.

They are designed to be installed in the front and/or rear doors of a vehicle and require minimal intervention to the factory interior design.

Part number: H.65X

Technical feature
Nominal impendance 4 Ohm
Voice coil winding material Cooper wire
Effective radiation area 154 cm2
Power Handling 80 W (HPF 12dB/oct. on 50 Hz)
Frequency response 50 Hz - 24 kHz
Physical feature
Woofer Magnet's material High grade ferrite magnet
Tweeter Magnet's material Hi-temp neodymium magnet
Outer diameter 173,5 mm
Mounting diametr 150 mm
Mounting depth 62 mm
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