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Comfortmat Vision Red


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Soundproofing ComfortMat Vision – flexible, soft, lightweight, waterproof, resistant to climatic changes, possessing increased noise-absorbing characteristics of the material. New in the line of materials for acoustic tuning of the car. It is made in the form of self-adhesive sheets from high-performance acoustic foam AcoFoam, made on the basis of a mixture of synthetic rubbers.

Thickness, mm – 6
Sheet Size, mm – 700 x 1000
Sheet weight, kg – 0.37
Specific weight, kg / m2 – 0.53
The number of sheets in the package – 15
Moisture resistance of the material – YES
Glue – moisture resistant

Price per 1 sheet

External metal part of doors Roof Wheel arches Cabin compartment shield Cabin floor and trunk
The material with a thickness of 6 mm has high soundproofing and sound-absorbing properties. Thanks to its polymer structure, Comfortmat Vision combines excellent performance over a wide temperature range with high biological and oil-gas resistance, which, combined with moisture-resistant adhesive, makes it ideal for use in a car.
Comfortmat Vision Red