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Comfortmat Blockator Expert 3


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Sound-reflecting material Comfortmat Blockator Expert 3 is a final soundproofing barrier made in the form of a self-adhesive acoustic membrane. Thanks to the use of unique HW fillers in the manufacture of the membrane, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in its mass (with a thickness of only 3 mm – specific gravity – 6.0 kg / sq. M.), Which made it possible to create a material with a high level of sound insulation (up to 32 dB) in the range from 50 to 3000 Hz.
Comfortmat Blockator is used in addition to sound-absorbing materials, therefore it is installed as a final top layer in places with especially strong noise load: wheel arches, the underbody, trunk, partition of the engine compartment.
Due to its high ductility, it is easily mounted without requiring heating, and does not absorb moisture.


Thickness, mm – 3
Sheet Size, mm – 500 x 700
Sheet weight, kg – 1.88
Specific weight, kg / m2 – 5.37
The number of sheets in the package – five
Moisture resistance of the material – YES

Price per 1 sheet

Wheel arches on the passenger side Engine compartment shield Floor and trunk floor
Noise reduction Convenient to mount on both simple and complex relief surfaces Increased material adhesion It remains operational in winter and summer
Comfortmat Blockator Expert 3