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Comfortmat Atom

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ComfortMat ATOM is one of the Extreme series vibration deadening mats, with a thickness of 4,2 mm and two layers of foil, which is effective in using on areas with a middle or high vibration load.
It consists of bitumen mastic material, which is armored with aluminum foil using BitFoil technology.
The unique composition of ATOM gives a great mechanical loss coefficient (MLF), high adhesion with metal, and resistance to water or different temperatures in combination with lightweight but strong hardness.
First-layer mat, applicable in:

  • Interior and trunk floor
  • Engine bay
  • Wheel arches

For SPL lovers – it can be used for a very good “loud sound” preparation even on the roof!

Before the application – the surface needs to be degreased. The mat should be heated (+50C) and rolled very carefully.

Thickness, mm 4,2
Size of a single unit, mm 500 х 700
Mechanical loss coefficient (MLF) 0,6
Weight of single unit, kg 2,4
Weight, kg/m2 6,86
Adhesion, N/cm 11
Waterproof YES
Price per 1 single unit (mat)
Number of units in package 5 single unit (mat)

Technical feature
Thickness 4,2 mm
Sheet size 500 x 700mm
The Mechanical Loss Coefficient 0.6 cu
Sheet weight 2.4 kg
Specific weight 6,86 kg / m2
Adhesion 11 N / cm
pack 5 sheet
Cabin floor and trunk Yes
Engine compartment shield Yes
Wheel arches Yes
Door metal parts Yes
Roof Yes
Hood Yes
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