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03 Apr 2024

More about us

Pride Car Audio was founded in 2013. The main impetus for the development and entry into the arena of the Russian auto audio industry was the enthusiasm of the company’s founders. This was driven by the desire to make a quality product with honest characteristics. The desire to dispel the veil of marketing haze and show the user a product that has a price commensurate with its content. Without regard to the name, without regard to history Step by step, the company acquired experience and knowledge that could not be gleaned from an outside source.

The main goal of the company was, is and will be to produce products of excellent quality. Quality means not only the final characteristics of the product, but also warranty/post-warranty service. It was service that was highlighted as a separate priority of the company.

Today Pride Car Audio has many exclusive parts, shapes and technical solutions in its products. The company has significantly expanded its range of activities. We are now importing a wide range of products: high-quality power amplifiers, cable products, TOP-level accessories, PRO AUDIO and much more, made according to our own drawings and within the company’s technical specifications

Pride Car Audio are colleagues who have common interests, are moving towards progress, who are able to learn new things and convey this to the end user. The company is being built every day, and each of you contributes to this. Every review and comment from a real user helps us improve the final product.

We have moved away from the usual model of “excess profits in a couple of years.” Our goal is to systematically develop, improving our product, allowing the end user to get maximum pleasure from the equipment produced under the Pride Car Audio brand!

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