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16 May 2024

Enhance Your Subwoofer Experience with Pride Car Audio’s Reconing Modules

Upgrade your subwoofer effortlessly with Pride Car Audio’s recone modules. Designed for easy installation in minutes using just a hexagon tool. Experience enhanced bass performance and hassle-free installation. Available now in the USA!

Fix your subwoofer into a powerhouse of sound with Pride Car Audio’s recone modules. Our modules are engineered for seamless installation, allowing you to upgrade your audio setup effortlessly. With just a hexagon tool, you can have your subwoofer ready to go in minutes, no messy glues or extra components required.

Individually packaged in custom boxes, our recone modules are meticulously assembled and tailored to fit your subwoofer model perfectly, each module is suitable only for a specific subwoofer model from our company

Experience unparalleled performance and enjoy rich, immersive sound like never before.

Upgrade your audio setup today with Pride Car Audio’s recone modules, available now in the USA. Don’t settle for ordinary sound – elevate your listening experience and take your sound system to the next level. Order yours today!

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