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Speakers component Pride Harmony 6,5

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Speakers component Pride Harmony 6,5

Pride Harmony 6.5 is a two-piece speaker system by Pride Car Audio brand. This is a combination of technology, affordable price, quality and cool sound. Midbass magnet material is high quality ferrite and tweeter magnet material is made from high temperature neodymium magnet.

Harmony 6,5 component acoustics includes:

Harmony mid bass 6,5 – 2 pcs
Tweeter easy 25C – 2 pcs
capacitor for tweeters – 2 pcs
Price per 1 set


Rated power 80 Watt (HPF 12 dB/oct at 50 Hz)
Frequency response 50 Hz – 24 kHz (-3 dB)


Dome diameter 26.1 mm

Midbass external diameter 173.5 mm
Mounting diameter of midbass 150 mm
Midbass installation depth 62 mm
Tweeter outer diameter 40.3 mm
Full tweeter height 19mm

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