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Comfort Mat Skyline

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Comfort Mat SKYLINE (2nd layer)  is the lightest of all existing membrane noise isolator. The material is totally water proof with a great adhesion due to a sealant type glue.
The working part of the sound isolating material consists of a soundproofing layer covered with a dense thin membrane. The final aluminized layer allows us to get high adhesion for the next layer –  we recommend to use a soft sound absorber for the best result.  As a result we have a very easy installation, absolute moisture resistance, high adhesion to vertical surfaces. It is the lightest among similar materials, which give us a possibility to use membrane materials on the roof of a car.

Thickness – 7 mm,
Sheet size – 350 x 500 mm,
Sheet weight – 0.5  kg,
Weight – 3,14  kg/m2,
Adhesion – 6-8 N / cm,
Water proof material – YES;
Water proof glue – YES.
Used as a 2nd layer.
8 pcs in one pack.
Price for 1 pc.

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