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Amplifier kits in three versions. kits come from 99.9% oxygen-free tinned copper.

Ready-made copper kits for connecting 2 and 4 channel power amplifiers. They are divided into two types, the main difference of which is the cross section of the power cable. Kits are made on the basis of a cable of 8.36 square meters. Mm and 20 sq. Mm

Fuse holders are supplied with the required fuse holders. Couplings, “heat-shrinkable ends”, etc., are all included.

It is very melodious by ear, extremely versatile in terms of sound reproduction and affordable in price.

Ruby Light 6.5 “.

– Very light, only ~ 500 grams.

– MS aluminum radiator

– Very compact in terms of installation depth

– He is a “part” of the replacement fund program

– Without a doubt, it is NOT QUIET than the competitors in price, and indeed the “more expensive” opponents

– Definitely, it will fit into the configuration, both with a “silk dome” and with more “powerful” variations of RF emitters.

The line of speakers is “M”.

These are the speakers “for working from below”, at those moments when you want a “bite hit” and at the same time the “mark” is 50-60 hertz.

Traditionally, the speaker is NOT deprived of a “motor” and has a high “survivability”.

The line will be presented in two sizes, 6.5 and 8 inches.

Be careful and do not be afraid to try new solutions for organizing an audio system.

New packaging for S v.3 Series

Technical feature
RMS – 4000 W
X Max (BL 50%) – 36 mm one way
Re Ω – 3,6 ohms
Fs – 25 Hz
Qts – 0,31
Sd – 910 cm²
Vas – 100 L
BL – 30 (for Re 3,6 Ω)
Sens (1W/1m) – 89 dB
Sens (2.83Vrms/1m) – 92,5 dB
Impedance – 0,75+0,75 Ohm /1,6+1,6 Ohm ⠀

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