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we have added T / S parameters for our subwoofers.

You can look separately for each product in their product card.



Our new subwoofers M16 and M20 subwoofer is already available for order.

M16 – 1600W RMS
Voice coil – 3,2″ round copper
magnet 2 x 190*25 mm

M20 – 2000W RMS
Voice coil – 3,2″ round copper
magnet – 2 x 210*27 mm

– New aluminum frame by Pride engineers
– Excellent voice Coil of our own production
– new convenient terminals
– high-strength diffuser


Pride has released a new model – Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance.
Ruby series has always been famous for balanced sound, volume and clarity for every listener. And with the right setup, you can easily achieve a cool SQL sound.

This is the top model and the standard sound of the Ruby series.
The design of the aluminum basket is a work of art of figs. You will fall in love with these speakers.

The model also has a modular system. This means that you can easily make repairs quickly without glue and problems. You need to unscrew only 4 bolts and install a new module. This is an innovation that has already been tested on a large number of customers. It is very convenient, simple and accessible for everyone.

The main Features:
Modular system
Size – 6,5″
RMS – 200 W (HPF 18dB/oct. on 160 Hz)
Frequency response – 160 Hz – 10 kHz

you can buy them here:

Speakers Ruby 6.5 Perfomance


New model of tweeter – Pride HyperTone Light

– Neo magnet system

– 4 Ohm

– Voice coil – coper wire

– RMS – 30W

– 4kHz-20 kHz

– D100mm

– full height – 34,5 mm

price and the possibility of ordering very soon

Team Pride Car Audio

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Have a nice day to everyone,

you asked and we did it. We have received several test subwoofer enclose with Pride logo. Now we are waiting for a big batch 10/12 and 15″ items. It will be available for order soon.

There are also options without a logo.

Team Pride Car Audio

Dear colleagues,


we wish you a happy New Year! We hope for fruitful cooperation in 2022. And we, in turn, will be glad to present to your attention the updated line of subwoofer speakers on a modular system, as well as power amplifiers manufactured in Kazan.

Office and production working hours on holidays:

01-02.01.2022 – days off

From 03.01 we start working days as usual. The first shipments will be made in the coming days (04.01.2022)


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