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Components of the Car Audio System

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Pride Subwoofers handmade with love for their customers. Best engineering solutions and balanced quality at a reasonable price. Innovation with a modular system.
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Pride Speakers is the main product of our company. We have created unique quality sounds and possible very loud sound. you will not lose quality, and you can also show others how loud you are.
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Pride Amplifiers produced by special order in Korea. We produce the best and time-tested models of CarAudio amplifiers.
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Subwoofer Pride M12.10 RMS 1200W Size 10″
Subwoofer Pride M12.12 RMS 12000W Size 12″
Subwoofer Pride M12.15 RMS 1200W Size 15″
Subwoofer Pride M16.12 RMS 1600W Size 12″
Subwoofer Pride M16.15 RMS 1600W Size 15″
Subwoofer Pride M20.12 RMS 2000W Size 12″
Subwoofer Pride M45.12 RMS 4500W Size 12″
Subwoofer Pride M35.15 RMS 3500W Size 15″
Subwoofer Pride M45.15 RMS 4500W Size 15″
Pump Up the Bass with Pride Subwoofers
Subwoofer Pride M16.12 RMS 1600W Size 12″ – D1,6
Subwoofer delivers exceptional sound quality, with deep bass and clear, powerful sound that will enhance your listening experience.


19 May 2023

we have added T / S parameters for our subwoofers. You can look separately for each product in their product card.    

15 Oct 2022
New modular subwoofers M16 / M20 available

Our new subwoofers M16 and M20 subwoofer is already available for order. M16 – 1600W RMS Voice coil – 3,2″ round copper magnet 2 x 190*25 mm M20 – 2000W RMS Voice coil – 3,2″ round copper magnet – 2 x 210*27 mm – New aluminum frame by Pride engineers – Excellent voice Coil of our […]

03 Sep 2022
New modular speakers Pride Ruby 6,5 Perfomance

Pride has released a new model – Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance. Ruby series has always been famous for balanced sound, volume and clarity for every listener. And with the right setup, you can easily achieve a cool SQL sound. This is the top model and the standard sound of the Ruby series. The design of […]

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