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02 May 2024


Automated gluing of magnetic systems

In the production of magnetic systems, we use advanced technologies and the latest equipment. To test the magnetic system according to all its characteristics, a special adhesive is applied to the lower magnetic core and ferrite ring, after which the entire magnetic system is tightened with screws.

Special glue

Each user can be completely confident in our product.

We use special adhesive mixtures for each of our speaker assemblies. For components exposed to heat, we use heat-resistant adhesives. For “flexible” nodes – glue with increased elasticity.

Acoustic grids

Protective nets for PRIDE acoustics are ideally matched for the entire range of speakers. The main purpose is to protect the diffuser from mechanical damage. The kit includes a metal mesh insert and a spacer ring made of ABS plastic. There is a special groove inside the spacer ring that holds the protective mesh while aligning it with the suspension. This allows you to install a larger number of acoustics in comparison with those speakers whose protective meshes increase the mounting diameter of the basket.ё

Pressing washers

As part of the production, we were able to successfully implement a workshop for the production of washers using hot pressing for all lines of Pride acoustics and subwoofers. For the centering washers, we use high-quality woven material made from threads from the French company DuPont, special impregnation of which is based on thermoset plastics, which in turn allows us to realize the full intended potential of the mechanics of the speaker when operating it in completely different modes.

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